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Medics, manufacturers, engineers, managers, business people, entrepreneurs and companies from the entire industry who, because of their busy professional lives, do not have enough time to trade themselves and cannot make timely decisions about when to enter or exit the market.

Another useful aspect of application is, when you are struggling to find a reliable Internet connection or on vacation. Thanks to the Multi Account Manager (MAM), nobody has to miss out on the interactive developments on the stock exchange and the opportunities associated with it.

The transparency is as if you were trading yourself = 100% authenticity in real-time. While in the MAM, the Money-Management

assumes control of active trading for the customer who always has the option to monitor all activities.

welcome aboard

The common term MAM in the FOREX business:

- Multi Account Manager

- Multi Allocation Modul

Several customers can be served at the same time. Clients grant the merchant a trade authority/power of attorney (POA). Various settings can be made and individual accounts my be excluded from trading.

capital hedging

It's not just about increasing your capital, but above all about

securing it. Whether for retirement or to prepare for crises. You

can open several accounts in different currencies at noextra cost. Create trading accounts, others that serve as savings accounts.

MAMFX will do this for you and will be happy to explain a

useful strategy.

It is an advantage, for example, that, unlike your conventional

current and savings accounts, no access by the State is possible

and in the event of a "bank run". There is no payout limit.

Remember and do not underestimate the situation:

The last payment limit came during the banking crisis in Cyprus

a few years ago. No matter who you were or how much you had

in your accounts saved, the ATMs did not pay you more than

50 Euros a day.

at your service

Customers satisfaction first! The broker MAMFX provides, has a share in the profits. If the account were to go broken-down, that would mean no further action or earnings. That is why we strive to ensure that our customers accounts develop positively, irrespective of being managed or the account is traded by the client him- or herself.

To participate in the MAM a minimum deposit of 500 USD / GBP (min. 10.000 USD / GBP recommended) is required.

The merchant can use the MAM to adjust the positions according to the generated capital of the entire equity. We offer STP (Straight-Through-Processing). This means that orders are positioned directly in the global marketplace without detours or tampering, just like a broker or trader would behave on the trading floor in Frankfurt, London, New York or Tokio.

The prices that you see on the platform are authentic and in real-time. Relax and enjoy monitoring the activities on your behalf.


You can fund your account with just USD 100 (USD 500 in the MAM), but we recommend that you deposit at least USD 10.000 in your account, even and especially if you are trading yourself.

Market behaviour nowadays can be very volatile. The stock market is not designed for trading cent amounts. When at low credit the number of lots are increasing by i.e. repositioning, there may not be enough "upholstery" in the account, as the positions entered could survive the fluctuations in the market over the long term.

If, for example, obligatory 1.000 "test euros" are deposited on the account and the price only runs vehemently in the opposite direction, it may become impossible for the trader to position himself in the other direction at the same time (hedges). As a result, he may be forced to close down lossy positions, resulting in a reduction of the account balance and less equity. Only fewer positions or volume can be traded. He barely has the opportunity to spread different products, because for the trade in gold, oil or indices a high margin is required.

The capital is your shield. The more there is available, the greater the plausibility of earning good money with lower risk. Testing the trading waters with pocket change is like trying to cross the ocean with a dinghy and can actually have a contrary effect, as opposed to placing a minimum of a five-figure amount in your account from the very start.

profit and losses


We aim for 1% capital growth per day. (with a deposit of at least 10,000 euros). As all individuals, professional traders are not infallible. Should your account balance decrease, there is no need to panic. Clever strategies can compensate even significant losses as long as the account has sufficient funds.


Some products can´t be  traded.

FOREX und STOXX50 Europa.


Trade Gold.

Smart Maneuver.



Yacht Maneuver.


FX Marina. 

FX Paradise.

brokers and customers are truly safer with regulation outside the eu

Because of new EU regulations, it is much safer for traders and customers to choose a broker that is regulated OUTSIDE the EU! In the United States of America the SEC Securities is responsible. In Russia the FFMS.

MAMFX cooperates with:

fxGiants, a registered trademark of Notesco Limited, a forex broker with licenses from ASIC Australia, BaFin Germany, FCA Great Britain, CYSEC Cyprus and based in Bermuda, registered under Section 14 and 6/132 / C (1) Companies Act 1981 with registration number 51491.


fxAdmiral Limited, incorporporated in St. John´s, Antigua under section 9 International Business Corporation Act, Cap. 222

Financial Services Regulatory Commission IBC-No. 17247.

With the new rules that apply only to brokers within the EU, those are no longer internationally competitive. All arguments in favor to select a broker in the EU are smashed.