A share index is a stock exchange index. It is an index for the development of selected share prices in a particular share market. It shall serve to document the development in this submarket of global financial activities in a representative manner. A specific base period is the starting point when calculating a share index. 110 companies are included in the German stock exchange HDAX, a selection of indices such as the DAX, MDax and TecDax. The DAX® recognized by the term DE30 on the platform, contains the shares of 30 of Germany’s largest and highest-grossing companies.


ASX 200 Australia
HK 50 Hang-Seng Hong Kong
JP 225 Japan NIKKEI
US 30 Dow Jones USA (DJI)
US 500 S&P USA
indices europe

DE 30 DAX Germany
ES 35 IBEX Spain
F 40 CAC France
I 40 Italien
N 25 Netherlands
OMX 30 Sweden
SWISS 20 Switzerland
STOXX 50 Europe
UK 100 FTSE Great Britain
UK 250 Great Britain

Generally speaking, as a simple yet useful trend indicator (“market barometer”), share indices are suitable for individual national economies or certain economic sectors. For instance is the most important share index in Germany the Deutscher Aktienindex (DAX® or DE30), which is permanently active during trading hours. In the US indices the Dow Jones Index (US30), the NASDAQ (US100) and the S&P 500 Index (US500) range among the key indices. The index for Europe is the EuroStoxx50 (EU50), which represents the 50 largest listed companies in Europe.

The Hang Seng (HKComp) and the Nikkei 225 Index (JP225) are the best-known indices in the Asian region. The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (formerly Johannesburg Securities Exchange), short JSE, is the largest stock exchange in Africa and is considered one of the twenty largest in the world. The leading index of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange is the FTSE / JSE All-Share Index. Criterias for share weighting in the index include market capitalisation and the respective stock market turnover of the company.


It is your decision to trade individual shares or the index in which the share is listed. The risk of individual share purchases or sales is usually higher. Since otherwise only individual shares can be acquired and placed on increasing values, our trading platform is also so popular because you can position yourself into the opposite direction and trade indices.