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Setting-up fee-free accounts goes very quick and easy with MAMFX. Complete the account opening application in just one step. Two accounts are automatically created, one which you can trade yourself or use as a negative interest-free savings account, while the other is managed.

We only set up STP/ECN accounts for you with a leverage of up to 3000:1 (dynamic). With these "Straight-Through-Processing" accounts, you are NOT going against the broker.

No OTC (over the counter). The order goes DIRECTLY onto the floor, without any circumlocution, without anyone having to pass the order on first and thus being able to act against your interests.

Authenticity - 100% transparency - in real-time.

Withdrawal any time. Unlike conventional investments. You will not receive any unsolicited advertisement and not being questioned nasty surveys.

On request stock trading via direct routing to the NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX. Over 5000 US shares. Trades are cleared through a US registered FINRA broker. Traders and investors are eligible for all corporate actions including stock splits and dividend allocations. Any share listed on the US-American stock market is available. Leverage 5:1

Although it is also possible to set up a so-called DEMO account with virtual money via the platform, we advise against it, since the psycological aspect of a DEMO account is far too careless. We recommend, if you want to practice, to have a real money account created by us right from the start and to trade with test money amounts in the micro range. This comes much closer to the reality of trading an account with larger amounts.

Self trade

Take total control

get your market share

multi account management (MAM)

Merchant trades on your behalf

Profit Share

US-SHARES - mt5 equities


Cleared through FINRA regulated merchant


+1 - 773 - 800 2 777

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mt4 for mac
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us-shares with dividend allocations

mt5 for windows
mt5 for mac
mt5 for iphone
mt5 for android



1) Choose your platform and operating system. Save or open file.


2) The install wizard will appear on screen. Simply click "Continue", wait until "Finish" shows up. Complete installation and get ready to start trading. Login with your password.

Note: After you click "Finish", the "MQL5" advertisement will open in a separate tab, which you don't need to pay attention to and can be closed immediately. Then wait a bit and the trading platform will open all by itself.


installation tool for mac computer

For MAC PCs you might need WINE (originally an acronym for "Wine Is Not an Emulator"). This is a compatibility layer that enables Windows applications to be run under POSIX-compliant operating systems, e.g. Linux, macOS and BSD.

Remote assistance