MAMFX does not acquire private households, but companies to which the product is tailored and who advertise themselves in various media to initial business contacts. The manager or owner of the respective company can use the offer for business or private purposes. We look forward to every recommendation.

In everyday business life, as well as on the stock market itself, doing business over the phone is indispensable. In many cases it is even necessary in order to save time and money or to be able to interact as quickly as possible on specific events. In addition, more customers can be served in this way than via the field service.

Above: Oil merchants at the Merchantile Exchange in New York

Until the 90s, it was mainly the bank and major investors who could participate in this market. This is because orders back then were communicated by fax and it was difficult to gain DIRECT ACCESS to the market like a broker at the New York Stock Exchange. Slow and long-winded paths of communication often resulted in severe and rapid losses. With the Internet and software developed specifically for stock exchange, trading has significantly reduced the time required to transmit orders to the parquet. Today, anyone can speculate on the stock exchange thanks to these technological advances.

guidelines for brokers in the eu - since August 2018

1. Leverage limits between 30:1 and 2:1 on the opening of a position by retail investors which are dependent on the volatility of the underlining:

– 30:1 for major currency pairs;

– 20:1 for other currency pairs, gold and major indices;
– 10:1 f
or commodities (excluding gold) and other equity indices;
– 5:1 f
or individual securities and other underlyings;
– 2:1
for cryptocurrencies;

2. Margin close-out regulation on a single account basis. The CFD providers must close one or more CFDs of a retail investor if reached standardized 50% of the required minimum margin;

3. Negative balance protection on a single account bases. This measure shall ensure a uniform loss limitation for retail investors;

4. Incentive restriction for CFD trading;
5. Standardized Risk Warning indicating the percentage of small investor accounts of the CFD provider in which losses are recorded.

do high leverage rates make sense?



With a higher leverage, customers can enter the market with less capital, since the margin is much lower. In contrast to the low lever set, it offers more flexibility and higher chances of winning. Its becoming a high risk when TOO MUCH volume is put into the market and the trend rapidly moves in the opposite direction.

regulation and deposit insurance


The new regulations for brokers in the EU include the lowest leverage in the world, which means that considerable capital is required if you want to execute certain strategies or place different or multiple positions (products) in the market. All positions are automatically closed at a margin of 50%, supposedly to limit losses.

Trading accounts opened on MAMFX.COM have an untouchable deposit guarantee of up to 1 million USD per account. In a large-scale survey, 98% of investors voted against restrictions, especially in CFD trading. The customer has the right of choice. British citizens or companies can have accounts elsewhere. It doesn't has to be a broker or financial institution that is regulated by the FCA.




The MT4 / MT5 Trading Platform from MetaQuotes, also called MT4/5 Trader, is an award-winning, powerful interactive portal to the stock- and foreign exchange, precious metal and commodity markets.

User friendly interface. After a short briefing it's easy to handle for everyone. Intuitive functionality and accessories. Streamline Dealing. Platform available in 23 languages. Secure environment. Customers do not give money out of their hands. Only the account owners themselves can dispose at any time.

Numerous real-time diagrams, chart and indicator options, easily programmable, automated trading potential. Features such as STOP LOSS / TAKE PROFIT. Messaging service provided by Dow Jones Newswires.

Summary of trading in the account in real time, including account balance, profit and loss. In the account history, your deposits and withdrawals are documentated, as well as which positions were placed in the market and when they were closed. In addition, the customer receives account statements by e-mail. The platform is constantly updated with the latest trading tools.

All functions can be tried out with a demo account. It's all there. Need help? Dial +1-773 800 2 777, we will be happy to assist.


Regular spread from 100 USD / GBP /Euro

Premium spread from 2.500 USD / GBP / Euro

VIP-Privilege spread from 20.000 USD / GBP Euro

MAM from 500 USD (min. 10.000 USD / GBP / Euro recommended)

Private from 1.000.000 USD (individually managed account)

"On Command" (Client can give orders via phone)


No account-setup fees

No account management fees

No usage fees

No deposit or withdrawal fees

fairness and transparency


Execution: STP - No Dealing Desk (NDD)

Market oder execution

No market making (Forex)

No slippage

No price manipulation

No Re-quotes

Gauaranteed stop-loss and take profit

Deep liquidity via world´s leading banks

No conflict of interest

Trade mini – and micro lots

Full transparency from A-Z

No spread hunting (raised / widened spread)

No slow charts

No stop loss manipulation

No take profit manipulation

No payment of flat rate withholding tax



There are always price fluctuations in the markets. They arise from supply and demand. When you buy shares at the bank, you are speculating that the value of the appropriate company will increase. Also when buying an estate property, apart from the benefits for your own family, speculation is in the foreground, as you assume that the value of the house or property will increase over time. This is also the case with the products that can be traded on our platform, with the advantage that the technology makes it possible to bet any direction.

The aim is to secure capital, compensate for losses in value due to inflation and to increase one's capital. Use the given options with care. However, if you succumb to negative characteristics such as greed or impatience, it can also happen that you lose money. Speculation is about 80% of psycological nature. 20% are aimed at correctly assessing the markets with foresight.