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Money is not everything. Integrity first, followed by the fun factor, then comes the money anyway. In order to maintain independence and thus integrity, the project is financed by private investors, the PinkDiamondGroup.

To exceed development expectations of both the public and the share holders, we do not expose ourselves to any negative characteristics. Projects and companies of the PinkDiamondGroup are all structured in accordance with the law and tax matters are optimized as best as possible.


Take an unbiased look at the Casino & Poker branch from the entertainment perspective. The guests want to discover exciting new things and find varied alternatives to everyday life. Most casino visitors (offline and online) are confident! They go to the casino to relax, enjoy the freedom, leisure and to meet other like-minded people with whom you can chat in an upscale ambience.

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BrokersCasino is fundamentally equipped for intercontinental use. gives the treasury a special shine and paves new paths. We created the conditions to generate players worldwide even without expensive media advertising, to meet the requirements of the gaming commission and to exclude unfriendly free riders. An invitation to a limited exceptional co-ownership.

The group owns lands in the digital world, some registered for 20 years, that make valuable contributions to attracting targeted audiences.

The term broker is used in many businesses. Brokers are typically well-off traders who sell high-value products. Broker as well as casino written with C, poker or "Bro" are used worldwide under the same term and spelling. In addition, numerous customers come from our stock exchange area. When there is high volatility on the markets, the stock exchange is repeatedly referred to as a casino. All aspects, and by far not all of them are listed here, ensure the owners an extraordinarily lucrative, constant source of income and the players anything but a 'Daddel'-hall.

7 billion online users are expected in 2025, not least thanks to Elon Musk, because his StarLink project will enable all of humanity to access the Internet from anywhere in the world at a speed of at least 100 MB/s. 

Online Casino & Poker 

Absolute Privacy, LIVE dealer via webcam

No getting there 

unlimited space

No waiting time, always free choice of game

No hustle

The outfit or level of comfort are irrelevant


Worldwide, now from anywhere, thanks to SpaceLink

Game offer in different currencies

Better tax optimization because it is not tied to a specific location

landbased CASINO & POKER

LIVE Ambience

Time and cost of travel to get there

limited space

Waiting times possible

Hustle at overcrowded tables

You can't put your feet on the table

Opening hours depending on country legislation

Regional + Tourism

Games offered in the local currency of the casino location only

Higher costs in general

Every online player is also tempted to go to a land-based casino and vice versa. One has what the other cannot offer.


Many land-based casinos co-exist with hotels, artistic events, and offer spa, recreational activities such as golf or other attractions.

If you travel to the USA as a tourist and hit a jackpot higher than $ 1,200, the casino is obligated to withhold 25% tax. When the win is $ 1,250, you merely get paid $ 937.50

In some regions are time and stake limits the player has to comply with.