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Designed for entrepreneurs and privateers who, because of their busy professional lives, do not have enough time to trade themselves and cannot make timely decisions about when to enter or exit the market. In the MAM (Multi-Account-Management) several customers can be served at the same time. For VIP accounts we take orders on command by radio or telephone.

Another useful aspect of application is, when you are struggling to find a reliable Internet connection or on vacation. The MAM, also known as a multi-allocation module, enables everyone to participate in interactive stock market events and to take advantage of the opportunities that come with it. 100% authenticity in real-time. While merchants control active trading the customer always has the option to monitor activities.

It´s not just about increasing your capital, but above all, about securing it. Whether for retirement or to prepare for crises. You can open multiple accounts in different currencies at no extra cost. Create trading accounts, others that serve as saving accounts. MAMFX will do this for you and will be happy to explain a useful strategy.


Customers satisfaction first! The trader MAMFX provides, has a share in the profits. You win, we win. That is why we strive to ensure that our customers accounts develop profitably, irrespective of being managed or the account is traded by the client himself.

The minimum deposit in the MAM is only 500 Dollar, but please read the explanations below. The possibility of being able to deposit even small amounts is suitable for positions that are already running, to increase the equity and thus avoid closing the positions. The trader can use the MAM to adjust the positions according to the capital contributed to the total equity. The courses on the platform are authentic and real-time. Relax and enjoy watching. 



No crypto currencies are traded in the MAM unless the customer expressly requests this. There are too many factors that make a total crash possible within seconds, even if cryptos temporarily rise, the risk is disproportionately great.

Volatility - always a handbreadth of water under the keel

We recommend to deposit USD 10.000 or more in your account. Market behaviour nowadays can be very volatile. The stock market is not designed for trading cent amounts. When at low credit the number of lots should increase, there may not be enough 'upholstery', as the positions entered could survive the fluctuations in the market over the long term. 

The capital is your shield. The more there is available, the greater the plausibility of earning good money with lower risk. Testing the trading waters with pocket change is like trying to cross the ocean with a dinghy and can actually have a contrary effect, as opposed to placing a minimum of a five-figure amount in your account from the very start.