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"Now is a good time for the major economies of the West (and ideally the world) to sit down and work out a new international monetary order," according to a report in the Financial Times. Excessive monetary incentives, a by-product of an "undisciplined" fiat monetary system (excessive money printing), create problems for our economy as well as financial distortions. The long-term solution is a monetary new beginning with economies moving away from that system and the reintroduction of a gold standard get things going, according to renowned economists.

"Certainly if the United States went on a gold standard, it would have to carry out many reforms. The federal government would really have to stop inflating , balance its budget, and abandon welfare state programs. Politicians, pressured by voters and special interest groups for favors, hesitate to pass them. Thus the major stumbling block to monetary reform is ideological. If this basic obstacle could be overcome, however, a return to gold money would become a realistic possibility.", Peter Schiff, precious metal merchant.

Precious metals, rare earth, oil, gas or other items of value may be used as security deposit.

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