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All new! The group is the first in the world to combine stock exchange events with casino entertainment in realtime. MAMFX exclusive services include a non-binding demonstration for which we would be happy to arrange an appointment with you. Interactive trading environments, wide range of products and unique leverage rates. Confidential, professional management with administrative and technical support at no cost. Accounts toll-free, no negative interest. 


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"Now is a good time for the major economies of the West (and ideally the world) to sit down and work out a new international monetary order," according to a report in the Financial Times. Excessive monetary incentives, a by-product of an "undisciplined" fiat monetary system (excessive money printing), create problems for our economy as well as financial distortions, and the long-term solution is a monetary fresh start with economies moving away from that system and the reintroduction of a gold standard get things going, according to renowned economists.

GOLDBACKS - Real solution for a fair future with decency. They ensure stability, security, privacy and independence.


“There are many financial bubbles, there are excessive debt levels, and inequality is growing. All of these side effects of a fiat money standard are not really what we want and we end up getting a lot of money instability. I think we have to go back to a gold standard”, Nieuwenhuijs, analyst.


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