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Forex = foreign-exchange. The volume of currencies traded daily exceeds 7 trillion USD.

The FOREX Interbank market is 27 times larger than the entire world stock market.

Currencies with abbreviation in alphabetical order available on platform 1

Currencies are traded in pairs against each other

australian dollar = AUD
brazilian real = brl
canadian dollar = cad
chinese renminbi = cnh
czech koruna = czk
danish krone = dkk
euro = eur
great britain pound = gbp
hong kong dollar = hkd
japanese yen = jpy
mexican peso = mxn
new zealand dollar = nzd
norwegian kroner = nok
polish zloty = pln
singapore dollar = sgd
south african rand = zar
swedish krona = sek
swiss franc = chf
turkish lira = try
united states dollar = usd

the us-dollar based reserve currency system


In 1913, the "Federal Reserve Act" was treacherous and in violation of the american constitution, hustled through congress in the midnight hours of christmas. As a result, not only americans suffer, but the whole world, to this day. Up until August 15, 1971 anyone could exchange US$ 35 for an ounce (31.3 grams) of gold. Richard Nixon, the 37th President of the United States, completely repealed the historic Gold Standard and the era of noney printing began. Nixon justified the move of abolishing the Gold Standard with speculation against the USA, but in truth too many notes were brought in circulation to finance the Korean and Vietnam war. Since then, confidence in the reserve currency has been waning.

Due to the fact that the debt limits are constantly being raised, the USA alone has a deficit of 33 trillion dollars today. The lack of security with so-called "Fiat Money" leads to distortions and unprecedented inflation.

The system as a whole needs urgent reform such as reintroducing a gold standard, leading economists agree. The media keeps blaming Putin, the war in Ukraine, the 'pandemic', even stock market speculation for inflation, but the truth is that ALL problems, including corruption, are rooted to the FIAT monetary system.

President John F. Kennedy was also aware of this and was therefore the only one to reintroduce a gold standard in 1963. Many believe that´s why he was assassinated, since the very first official act of his successor was to get rid of those dollar notes backed by gold and silver.

brics+ countries brazil - russia - india - china - south africa - Saudi Arabia

The current member states manage a good third of the world market. The economic output of this alliance is therefore already greater than that of the G7 countries USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Japan. Since January 1st. 2024, Saudi Arabia has become a full member of the BRICS+ organization. Egypt, Iran, Ethiopia and the Arab Emitates are to follow in the same year.

At present the Chinese Yuan is the most widely used currency in the world for cross-border transactions. The creation of a separate international reserve currency based on a basket of currencies is being worked out, President Putin announced some time ago. With the BRICS, trust does not only depend on one country. In addition it will be covered by commodities.

The indroduction of a state crypto currency, for example as planned by Canada and the EU, is not a satisfactory option for the citizens at all. With such a currency it would not only be possible for politicians and banks to invade privacy, but also to restrict the flow of money for individuals at any time and even harder than it was practiced 2022 in Canada during the truck demonstrations with account freezes by politically and ideologically motivated banks and authoritarian rulers. This not only corresponds to a deprivation of liberty, but can also have life threatening consequences, such as segregation groups of people who are politically persecuted.