For reasons of health, hygiene and to protect the sea, masks are prohibited on bord. If you already had a vaccinaction it may not be possible to start the journey when the captain denies boarding or the country you are heading for refuses entry because of certain vaccines that have been used.

                                                                                               July Until september 22, 2021: TRADE 33 LOTS IN
                                                                                                              any commodities 
                                                                                               AND RECEIVE A SPA VOUCHER WORTH 200 EURO



Capitalize your LIVE-account with any amount of money. If you make a profit of 25%

or more within 14 days of your first deposit and traded the number of lots in FOREX

as shown belowwe will deliver to you the indicated weight in fine gold.

11 grams

100 FOREX Lots

55 grams

500 FOREX Lots

22 grams

200 FOREX Lots

111 grams

999 FOREX Lots

Summer time Payback SPECIAL

June 21 to September 22, 2021

1.20 USD for any lot in FOREX