Capitalize your LIVE-account with any* amount of money. If you makea profit of

25% or more within 14 days of your first deposit and traded the number of lots in

FOREX as shown belowwe will deliver to you the indicated weight in fine gold.

11 grams gold

min. 100 Lots FOREX

22 Grams gold

min. 200 Lots FOREX

55 grams gold

min. 500 Lots FOREX

111 Grams gold

min. 999 Lots FOREX
MAMFX recommends capitalizing LIVE accounts

with minimum 10,000 EUR / USD / GBP or more.


By opening an account on the MAMFX website you get higher lever and more chances to win prize money and paybacks.


8th - 12th February 2021

1.10 US-Dollar cash-payback

for each traded FOREX Lot.