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The expertise in entertainment goes back to 1998. At that time Diamantclub Ltd., pioneer and forerunner of PresidentEntertainment, entered into a joint venture with casino licensees of the Swedish software developer Bossmedia. The first multilingual casino website in the world, also available in German, was created. In 2003 PresidentPoker was founded and put into operation in Costa Rica as a white label partnership with David Sklansky, author and multiple winner of gold bracelets at the World Poker Championship in Las Vegas.

In 2006 the President Casino in St. Louis Missouri USA attempted batten onto the PresidentPoker.com domain using the ICANN National Arbitration Forum, but ultimately failed and lost a lawsuit, filed by Holger Aulenbach, CEO of Diamantclub Ltd. Antigua and originator of PresidentPoker.

As a result, President Casino LLC filed for bankruptcy, also in order to escape a compensation process worth millions.

When President George W. Bush jr. banned his own compatriots from gambling outside the United States, PresidentPoker ceased operations.

Now, after 15 years the new edition. The potential is immeasurable and far more players are waiting than at the turn of the millenium.

To the left: David Bruce Sklansky

To the right: PresidentPoker in the year 2005

Call us and step into a world full of wonder and epic joy. There is no more profitable line of business. Also coming up, shows, musicals, and other great events to increase the entertainment value once again. Because of the already existing connections, konwledge and experience we are predestined to implement this project.

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President Entertainment aims to start gaming operations in 2022.

Become a shareholder in this unique project and do not hesitate contacting us. Progressive increase in value!

The most important part of a successful e-commerce is first and foremost its NAME. Many companies could not even exist if they did not continuously advertise in the media in order to remind users of their companies over and over again. This is expensive, risky and creates dependency.

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Companies with a suitable domain name, on the other hand, do not necessarily have to rely on advertising, as the names generate customers by themselves and are very easy to remember. BrokersCasino.com is one of them. This domain represents the building of the project. In other words, Brokers Casino already exists, people just can´t be let in until operators obtain an appropriate license and software. An investment into this project can hardly fail.

Why the broker casino becomes a success story

Take an unbiased look at the Casino & Poker branch from the entertainment perspective. Our users are not looking for the kick of gambling, that would be wasted effort, as if one were looking for love. Love comes to you like a win. The guests want to discover exciting new things and find varied alternatives to everyday life. Most casino visitors (offline and online) are confident! You go to the casino to relax, to meet other like-minded people with whom you can chat in an upscale ambience. We see our primary task in inspiring our guests again and again through varied events. With attractive bonuses in cooperation with popular sponsors, we will steadily increase the entertainment value and make a visit to BrokersCasino.com a breathtaking event.

uploading personal documents is relevant so that you can be registered as a co-owner.
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The more shares awarded, the higher the price and, logically, their value. It is not a question of whether this project will be realized, but in what time. This period of time can be extremely short. If you are unlucky and an agreement is reached with one or more prospective buyers at that moment, all available shares might be sold by tomorrow. You definetely would be missing out the business of your life. Therefore don´t be indecisive and do not hesitate.