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The PinkDiamondGroup aims to start gaming operations in 2022.

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For an e-commerce business the domain represents a most powerful artifact.

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A meaningful .COM attracts visitors on its own, from around the world. A guarantor for revenues, safety and prestige.


unique visitors each month, without advertising or SEO, are already waiting to enter.


Why the broker casino becomes a success story

Take an unbiased look at the Casino & Poker branch from the entertainment perspective. The guests want to discover exciting new things and find varied alternatives to everyday life. Most casino visitors (offline and online) are confident! They go to the casino to relax, enjoy the freedom, leisure and to meet other like-minded people with whom you can chat in an upscale ambience.


As a globally operating company, the .COM is indispensable because it towers over all 'sub-levels' and is ALWAYS favored. In certain areas, it makes the .net, .org, country or other addresses superfluous. Because all visitors of the 'sub-level' will sooner or later switch to the .COM anyway.

Currently around 50,000/M 'unique visitors', all target-oriented. They enter our names directly into the navigation bar of their browser and find exactly what they are looking for, even more. This number will also multiply exorbitantly through different marketing strategies. Imagine not 50,000 a month, but a day. An Olympic stadium full, every day ... what do you think ... We expect to reach this number shortly after the opening.

In order to maintain independence and thus integrity, the project is financed by private investors. The group is not interested in loans, which would correspond to a kind of dependency and at the same time obligation to third parties.

To exceed development expectations of both the public and the owners, we do not expose ourselves to any negative characteristics. It should also be said at this point that the projects and companies of the PinkDiamondGroup are of course all structured in accordance with the law and tax matters are optimized as best as possible.

imagine you own 1% of a multi Billion Dollar business 


The casino is fully secured on all relevant levels with, and The very best prerequisite for generating players worldwide and excluding free riders who do not value integrity.

Over the past 10 years, with foresight, we have put together this unique combination of domains, starting before the company was founded.

The term broker is used in many areas. Brokers are typically well-off traders who sell high-value products.

Broker as well as casino with C, are used worldwide under the same term and spelling.

In addition, numerous customers come from our stock exchange area.

All aspects and by far not all of them are listed here ensure the owners an extraordinarily lucrative source of income.


7 billion online users are expected in 2025, not least thanks to Elon Musk, because his StarLink project will enable all of humanity to access the Internet from anywhere in the world at a speed of at least 100 MB/s. 

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