The European Union at the edge of its end

the eu's fear of a self-confident, independent and successful kingdom

The EU's fear that the UK could benefit from its exit, as it is doing better economically after leaving the country than it does when still a member, is very large. Other countries could follow the example and find their way back to their sovereignty.

England has many options for success, such as a rigorous tax relief for companies and citizens, as well as market deregulation or free trade agreements with non-EU countries such as the US and others. Theresa May already praised Britain as a future tax haven.

The EU´s efforts to keep the UK in the EU fail. The newly formed BREXIT party of Nigel Farage clearly overtook established parties. The date Great Britain will leave the EU is now scheduled for October 31, 2019.

More and more German entrepreneurs, specialists, medics

 and intellectuals are leaving the country due to irrational politics

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