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Note: For more details, please download the full version of the MT5 software.

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In the Arena of Bull & Bear

While you are monitoring the trading, you can switch between "Trade" and "History" at the bottom left of the software. Switching to TRADE, makes you see which positions are open, that is, which ones are currently in the market In the HISTORY those been closed, showing the exact time, assets, profit and  loss been generated, positions taken out of the market. The invested capital and profits are not in time-bound. There are phases when all positions are closed and no trading is taking place. The capital is always to the clients disposal and ensures maximum flexibility and liquidity.

Profit Shares will be cleared if applicable. In the case of losses, there is no urge to make up for them on the same day. To succeed it depends on 20% of estimating the markets correctly, to 80% of attitudes such as prudence or courage and having a smart strategy. On the weekend, you will not see any moves, as the stock exchanges close at 5 pm EST on Friday and then open again on Sunday at 5 pm EST. On every day you can check the history.

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