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Fascinating. The event is transmitted LIVE via the software.  It is our pleasure to introduce the platform to you.

MAMFX® offers interactive global real-time trading for everybody. Outstanding conditions. Multiple accounts in different currencies, toll-free.

We are specialized for entrepreneurs from all industry sectors to control their market participation via the MAM and to support them actively. After introducing into the software, over 90% of our prospects open an account with us.

Precise order execution. 

Book a 30-minute software presentation session. The application and the exponential possibilities that result from it, we deliver free of charge!

Convince yourself. 100% transparency. Confidential professional management with administrative and technical support by MAMFX and their contract brokers. User-friendly software in two variants, with and without download. Enjoy the thrill!

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Experience worldwide trading as on the stock exchange parquet

fast - convenient - unbureaucratic

the comfort of account opening

Enter phone number, upload ID, accept terms and conditions, done! All in one step. We we'll do the rest and get in touch with you. Most convenient Flash-Opening. Choose out of 5 service packages.

Customer Service: +49 - (0)69 - 348 7553-1

clear view! - all products on one platform!

Boarding Package 1

Min. deposit in the MAM 500 $/€/£*

Boarding Package 2

Min. deposit in the MAM 500 $/€/£*

Boarding Package 3

Min. deposit in MAM 10.000 $/€/£

Remote assistant

Assistance onsite (Charter)

Teamviewer support

Account Opening EUR/USD/GBP

Installation trading software

Adjust trading software

Account statements


2nd address


Reminder by phone

Full attorney / merchant Service

No minimum contract period

Automatic extension

Mystery bonus payouts

Net Prices in USD

18,- M / 149,- € p.a.

39,- M / 399,- € p.a.

from 999,- €

* MAMFX recommends capitalizing LIVE accounts with 10,000 EUR/USD/GBP or more. Please also read the explanations in the menu item "MAM".


Boarding Package No. 4

on command

Full speed ahead! We implement your orders into the market at your command. Via text message, whatsapp, e-mail or direct call. From everywhere you may instuct us.

Minimum deposit 25.000 USD.

Immediate implementation.

Telephone reinsurance. 

We program your time specifications.

from 85,- M / 845,- € p.a.


Boarding Package No. 5


Contains all services as in package 3 with the possibility of cash deposits/withdrawals and the engagement of a trustee. Each transaction will be charged with 7.5%. Minimum deposit 50.000,- $

One-time setup fee € 3.500,-

margin call - genuine trading
kerstin k. from germany

2 deposits 1) 5.000,- € / 2) 5.500,- €

Account balance after 3 months 75.000,-

Utilization: "continue trading .."

best live-account performances
detlef h. from germany

2 deposits 1) 10.000,- € / 2) 15.000,- €

Account balance after 6 months 230.000,-

Utilization: "Housebuilding and wedding .."

pink diamond brokers

february 2019

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